Lasting A Lifetime

Amelie Simmons has been painting for 3 years. Her passion for painting started as a fun activity at local paint sip classes Champagne & Canvas, and Brushstrokes & Beverages. In 2014 she began painting on her own, and from there her love for creating began. Simmons medium of choice is arcrylic and dimensional media she loves to create tactile art which she dedicates to the visually impaired, and those who have a desire to touch art like she does. She describes her style as more representational impressionism, but she dabbles in abstract painting as well. Simmons has done a few art shows, and events in the Long Beach and Huntington Beach area, and is a usual for First Friday. She loves events because of the contact with art supporters, and the ability to network with other artists. Simmons says she has learned a lot from doing events, and the overall vibe at events is phenomenal. She calls herself a "work in progress" expressing that she has so many more styles to try, and things to learn. Follow her on IG, and check out here website below!'

Instagram: Amelie_simmons_art