Recreating History

Sean Kirkland is a 30yr old artist from the La Quinta area who currently lives in the Long Beach area, he's also an employee at the LBMA. Sean got into painting while he was in school in Arizona, because all his friends were art majors, and he would assist them on their projects. After a while he branched out, began creating works of his own, and eventually found an artistic realm that fit him. Sean defines his style as Surreal, which in his words means "Realism that is heavily symbolic." His work touches on the real issues of our nations past, specifically the clash between Native Americans, and Europeans, as well as African American history in the miltary. Sean's plan is to simply keep creating, and pushing himself to explore new mediums in the process. He says he creates every single day building his body of work so he can push more of his art into galleries. The dream is to be able to create for a living, but regardless of how that pans out Sean will never stop painting, and he is excited to see what the future holds for him, and his artistic abilities. Check out some of his work, and follow him on IG!

Instagram: Seanderojo