Captivating the Masses

Luciano Thomas is a 19yr old Art/Creative Studies major at UC Santa Barbara's College of Creatives, a facility within UCSB strictly for independent studies in specific fields. They have provided Luciano with any and everything he needs to really tap into his ability to create even providing him his own art studio. He attributes a small portion of his ability to talent and majority the help of Wilson Art teacher Dominic Szeto. He is how Luciano found his passion for art, in fact he says he wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for Mr. Szeto. Luciano style consists of one element, and that is making a mess. Although his goal is to make a mess his idea and the general idea of making a mess are truly two different things.  His creation are very unique in that right because the mess he makes is ultimately controlled and molded into the piece he has envisioned. He typically creates using oil, paint, charcoal, or wire sculpture, and early this year he actually displayed his first wire sculpture installation at an art show. Luciano's goal for the future simply to continue to sell his work. On a more general level he wants to captivate people through his creations, which ultimately will help him accomplish selling more of his work. Luciano is also apart of a band named The Blonds that he has been creating music with and is looking to get out there. Check out some of Luciano's work below and follow him on IG to see more!

Instagram: Lucthom