R0se Cosmetics

There are many forms of art that people use to express themselves, and with each different art form there's a different medium used to work. photographers use the subject of their photos, painters use a blank canvas, and street artists usually use whatever building they see fit, but this particular type of artist likes  a more flesh like canvas, and this specific make-up artist can take you from not to hot in just a stroke of her brush. Make up artist Angeli Ann is a wiz with a make up palette and specializes in beauty, bridal, film, and print. If you want to get your glam on for an upcoming event, or just want to look good for a night with the girls hit up R0se Cosmetics for all your make-up needs! Contact her via email, and follow her beauty page provided below I promise you won't regret it!

Instagram: Cosmeticr0se

Email: glambyangeliann@gmail.com