Pencil, Paper & Progression

As kids we all like to color, and draw.....may not have been good, but we enjoyed it nonetheless! Some of us give that up as we go into adolescences other become fascinated with it, andeither go full fledge with it, or make it a daily hobby. Keondre Nike Williams is one of those artist who loves to draw, and is fascinated by the arts, but does not see himself as a full on artist. He started off like any other kid drawing stick figures, and things of that nature, but when he became a senior in high school he gaineda real passion for drawing, and his work became much more complex than the average stick figure. Being open minded to different art ideals, and expanding his art utensils past just your normal #2 pencil has brought tremendous progression in his work! Though Keondre loves using pencil for his work he has grown fond of the Copic Ciao markers. He knows art can open many doors, but he will continue to keep it as a hobby, and focus his creativity into pursuing a career in engineering. If engineering for some reason does not work out he will make it very far as an artist, and could definitely build a career in the arts! Check out some of his work on his Instagram linked below!