From Student To Teacher

Jose Craig-Torres is an 18yr old artist from Bixby Knolls who is looking to get recognition for his work within the city. Boy did he come to the right place! Jose has loved art his whole life, but didn't fully immerse himself into it until2 years ago. Ambitious, and willing to learn he threw himself into the fire, but the real growth didn't come until he moved away, and found a mentor. In 2014 Jose transferred to Diamond Ranch Academy in Southern Utah where he worked under the wing of professional artist, and coordinator of the art program at Diamond Ranch Academy Rod Peterson where he was astounded by the work his peers were creating. He was surrounded by art shows, and competitions showing just how talented the people around him were. Although he is still a student mastering his craft Jose has gotten a lot of recognition for his work earning spots in professional categories for certain street art festivals, having work submitted at the Springville Museum of Art, and winning a prestigious scholarship for that piece of work. He describes the feeling of seeing his work up alongside his peers was "reassuring", and "incredible" knowing that his lifelong passion is rewarding for him and his future is a feeling of ecstasy, pride, and honor that fuels him to become an even better artist. Jose plans to graduate from the Art Center College of Design with good recommendation, and knowledge to eventually teach high school, and college students what he's learned so they can discover their full potential as he is currently doing now. Follow him on Instagram, and check out some of his amazing pieces below including the one he has up at the Springville Art Museum!


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