Providing Waves

Deshoan Adams is a 20 year old barber at House of Blends in Long Beach who happens to be talented with more than just the clippers. Adams has been into art his entire life, but finally decided to pick up the brush in November. For just about 5 months of work this guy is making pieces like he's been in the game for years! Inspired by anime, memories, and lessons he learned growing up as a child Adams puts his own little twist on to some of your favorite anime characters. The piece he holds dearest is a two part piece called "Free Falling." This piece depicts a sad little boy with what looks to be a tear falling from his face as he falls from the sky with Shenron the dragon from popular anime series Dragonball Z flying beside him. With Adams just getting his feet wet in the art community we can expect to see a lot more from the young artist in the near future. In fact he shared with us that he plans to start his own company soon that will collaborate 3 different art forms that will create a new perspective, and endless oppurtunities for those involved. Well Deshoan you have our support, and we wish you the best in all future endeavors! Check out some of his pieces below, and follow him on Instagram!


Instagram: Meloboomin