Art of the Future

As eras have gone by we have seen many things come, and go. In the art community we have seen so much change over the last 30-40yrs. From simple oil on canvas to digital recreations the creativity within art as a whole has grown immensely giving artist more options to create, and more mediums to create with. Jena Tran is an artist of the new age using the technology at our fingertips to recreate images. Tran has began her art career in her freshmen year at Long Beach Poly, but it wasn't until her Senior year that she branched out and tried a new medium for her work. Some of her favorite pieces she has made have been her "Below Zero" piece, which is one of her first paintings, and a piece entitled "Equal which represents equality between all races. Beautiful thing that her pieces hold so much meaning for someone still so young. Excited to see how much her art progresses as she matures, and really finds herself as an artist. Tran plans to take art as far as she can, and eventually create a career out of it. She plans to attend college at either SDSU or right in her backyard at CSULB with a major in communications, and a minor in art Tran is looking to shape her people skills, while sharpening/broadening her artistic creativity. Tran doesn't just want to be known in our city she wants to be known in every city! Follow her on Instagram, and check out some of her pieces, and recreations below.


Instagram: Jena.Tran