Force of Nature Open Mic Night

So the other night we attended the Force of Nature open mic night of their Moving Arts event series at The Brass Lamp, and before we get into last night festivities we'd like to congratulate Jaccara Queen, Michaela Reed, and the rest of the Force of Nature team on such a successful event. We are so proud of the growth in your brand, and impressed by the amount of talent you guys have access to. With that being said lets get into the first act of the night, who is also apart of the Force of Nature team. Ms. Early August hit the stage, and let it be known that she is not here for the BS, in fact she'll take that BS, make it look real nice, and serve it right back to you! Next up was Saniyah X of Tuff Crowd who hit the stage, and immediately hit the crowd with a barrage of video game references that she twisted into her own poetry. She definitely caught our attention with that, and kept it interesting with her second piece about the injustice of people of color. After her we had a young man by the name of Jalen Coleman who came up on stage to tell the audience that one specific woman in his life had missed out on something good. He even went as far as to call said woman to tell her "You ain't shit" after which he hung up. Now whether that was staged or not we don't know, but he definitely gets points for creativity! After him was a singer/poet by the name of Ventage who was easily our favorite act she performed her single "Fireworks in the Hood", a "Crazy in Love" cover, and a track off her recent Spoken Soul EP entitled "Hypocrite." Her stage presence is amazing the way she is able to connect with the crowd, and be so comfortable while she's up there made her an easy standout of the night. Pair that with the strength, and beauty of her voice, and it's a no-brainier why she was the favorite. The final act was the most entertaining being that it was pretty much a battle of the sexes put together by the members of Tuff Crowd. The women went first expressing how they felt about double standards, and they didn't hold any punches, but of course the men had their chance to fire back which they did without flinching. The bow on top of the present that was the final act was Tuff Crowd founder...., and ....... going back, and forth about love, and what it's like being with that one person you just can't live without. (Hey Sequoia! lol)  What better way to express these feelings than relating it to 90s film Love Jones? Well done.......Well done indeed! Overall this event was an amazing experience! The audience was into it, the vibe was dope, and each, and every performer KILLED it! Oh! Lets not forget about the DJ/host combo who kept the crowd interested, and having a good time when no one was on stage. We will definitely be in attendance at the next Force of Nature event you should be too! (Photos by Krista Perry)