Interpretations of Everyday Life

Art is easily one of our favorite subjects to cover because each artist has their own way of espressing their feelings, and giving their interpretation of life as a whole. Artist Brittany Simon stuck out to us because we could feel the passion she has for her work, and we love the vision she's trying to put in motion! Brittany has been drawing since the age of 12, and began painting at age 18. She is extremely talented, but most important her pieces are unique, and very eye-catching. She draws inspirations from her  perception of everyday life attributing people, nature, love and all forms of art as her creative influences. Some of Brittany's favorite pieces she's made are titled "Beauty in the Dark", "Queen", and "Time Heals All" which includes a clock, a teddy bear, and a woman, and it represents a time in her life where she felt broken. Instead of sulking and being emotional Brittany used that piece to  harness her emotions and express them on canvas. Her plans for her art career are to create an art studio for the youth to come showcase their art, express themselves freely, and create! Follow her to stay updated on her work, and check out some of her pieces below!


Instagram: Createluv