Jay Blaine Studios

Jay Blaine is a graffiti artist who is always pushing the bar with his work, and is always coming up with unique ways to create. Since he was a kid Blaine has loved to draw portraits, action comics, and the usual doodle from time to time. Although he has many many styles he plays around with his main 2 are a hieroglyphic caligraphy he calls "Plasma", and a sub style he has been doing called "Tropical Futurism." Plasma is mainly inspired by Chinese, and Mayan languages, and Tropical Futurism is a style created from Blaine's "Lifted" line style in which he uses abstract lines, and decorates them with different ornaments while also using the plants growing, and creatures climbing around the piece as a way to show the connectivity of the jungle. Blaine LOVES tropical rain forest, and his work really reflects on the beauty of rain forests while keeping it abstract. He draws inspiration from seeing landscapes that just don't quite fit the bill, and have the potential to be something more than it is because he feels he has the ability to bring that full potential out. Blaine also surrounds himself with like minded people who push him to continue to be great, and when you have a support system such as his it's hard to not want to be great. In the future Blaine would like to paint murals in every district in Long Beach, and eventually expand to having murals in tropical areas all over the world. Hopefully a gallery sees what this man can do, and gives him the opportunity to create something monumental for the city or maybe even the world to view forever. Until then follow him on Instagram, check out his website, and some of his work below!




Instagram: JayBlaineStudios