Jessica Weymouth: Artist, Adventurer, Believer

Jessica Weymouth is a 24yr old  aspiring eviromental science major who has dipped, and dabbed in many different mediums, and art forms, but her love for water color has been most consistent. Jessica has been painting with watercolor for over 2 years now, and has found her own unique style in which she incoporates the solar system, lunar cycles, ocean conservation, and elements of healing (Ex. Crystals) all weaved into one. Her obsession with the moon and ocean is very prevalent on her Instagram page seeing that most of her work features a moon, or some sort of oceanic vibe within them. Jessica is currently focused on trying to getting her degree, but she is trying to find a way to weave her artistic creativity in with some kind of  eviromental career. We love Jessica's work, and after hearing her story we love everything she stands for! She's all about the success of the next generation, in fact she is inspired by others who aren't afraid to take risks and chase their dreams. We have nothing but the upmost respect for Jessica, not only for her work, but for who she is as a person! She definitely has our support, and maybe she can be a featured artist in our next show! That's a ways from now, so until then check out some of her dope pieces below and follow her on Instagram!


Instagram: Jessweymouth_