London Girls In LA

Yesterday we attended LA artist Jess's 2nd Art Show the "Art Baesl" in downtown LA to support Dricasso. Before we get into our experience we'd like to say how happy, and proud we are for Jess! Yesterday's turn out was amazing, and the artist she chose to display their work definitely brought their A-game with tons of unique, and different styles present! Two artist in particular stuck out to us not just because their work was dope, but they were the most genuine, happy, passionate 18/19yr olds I've ever met! 19yr Kiran Gidda, and 18yr Manveer Matharu traveled 5,437 miles from London to LA to participate in this art show. Kiran is a photographer who last minute decided to add a little flavor to her pictures to make them stand out, and boy did she get the job done! Manveer to keep it short and sweet loves to create, and takes advantage of any opportunity to do so. No matter the medium this girl can take it, and make anything a beautiful work of art! Check out their work from yesterday's show, and follow them on Instagram below!


Instagram: KiranGidda, Mamamanvz