Modernly Prehistoric

21yr old CSULB communications major Nick Simonelli likes to get the creativity flowing from time to time in his free time. Nick is a new age artist who has found a way to put together the modern age of art with prehistoric influence creating pretty much his own form of abstract art! Nick's love for art began at age 5 where he started drawing the creatures from the famous anime series "Pokemon." As he grew older he found other interests, and Pokemon just wasn't enough anymore. In his earlier style you can see inspiration from a variety of artist, but Nick began to branch out, and released his first series of work which was inspired by prehistoric cave paintings. Now his current style is of his own using grainy three dimensional black and white subjects against a flat bright color. His style is definitely unlike anything we have on our page currently, or anything we've ever seen for that matter. Nick doesn't have a plan for the future just yet, but he is a smart kid, has a good head on his shoulders, and he's young so he still has time to decide what he wants to do! As long as he continues to put his artistic abilities to use we will be happy. Check out his work below, and follow him on Instagram for even more of his unique pieces!


Instagram: Shades0fgrey