Snorlax House of Blends

After a 3 month stint without a haircut I decided to take a trip to my barbershop Snorlax's House of Blends off of Gaviota over on the east side for a much needed taper. House of Blends has been around for 2 years now, and I've been going to them since day 1! From where they started to where they are now I must say this establishment has become more than just a barbershop it is a breeding ground for creativity. Each barber adds their own essence to the overall creative atmosphere of the shop. Run by head barber/owner Kyle McKenna (Snorlax) who brings his extensive knowledge of sneakers, and impressive collection of Lego figurinesand staff Deshaon Adams (Meloboomin), and Chris Spears (Epic) bring their artistic abilities decorating their work space with their own art work. The overall atmosphere of the shop brings a little taste of Long Beach with a hint of the Bay Area. The heavy influence of art brings that Long Beach feel to House of Blends well that and the fact that there's a big signed picture of the staff and Vince Staples up on the wall upon entry. The Bay Area feel comes from the roots of the people on staff with them all being from the Bay Area their lingo, and music preference favors NorCal artists such as Richmond rapper Iamsu. This barbershop is more than a place to come for a fresh cut it's a place that welcomes all forms of creative expression. From freestyles, to live painting you never know what you'll witness when you enter Snorlax's House of Blends. This shop has seen its fair share of setbacks but they continue to bounce back, and continue to grow. Excited to see what is to come for the shop. Book an appointment, and check out one of the dopest barbershops in the LBC!


To book an appointment contact the barbers via InstagramDM: