Vitality and Verve In the Third Dimension

Yesterday we took a trip down to the Long Beach Museum of Art to check out this months exibit. For this months they have given Thinkspace and Pow! Wow! Long Beach full creative control, and they exceeded expectation! So before we go into detail about our experience we are going to give a little background info on exactly what the Powwow is. "Pow is the impact that art has on a person, and Wow is the reaction that art has on a viewer." Pow! Wow! began as a week long event in Hawaii, and has become a worldwide network for artist to meet, and do what they love. In their exibit at the LBMA their are artist from here to Texas, and all the way to Spain, and as diverse as the creators of the art are their works differ in the same fashion.   It's is mindblowing to think that these people have these ideas in their head that vary from the size of your fist to 4 walls of an entire room. 30 artists total have been featured in this months Pow! Wow! and if we had the time, and man power we'd walk you through each, and every one, but we're just going to focus on the ones featured in the LBMA. Below we have a slideshow of the different works displayed in the museum, and we will have individual stories for each artists piece up soon, but until then enjoy our take on "Vitality and Verve In the Third Dimension!" We advise you to take a trip to the LBMA as soon as you can! This exibit will be up until October 16th! Check out the LBMA website below for their hours, and admission info! (Fridays are free!)