Live, Love, Create

Courtney Brooke is, and has been an artist/creator her entire life. She is currently working on getting her BFA in Drawing & Painting at Cal State Long Beach with hopes to move on to an MFA program at another university. She draws inspiration from all of the beautiful art in the world, but her biggest inspiration is painter Henri Matisse. Oil paint is Brooke's main medium, and also another form of inspiration for her. Whether it be oils, charcoal, or whatever medium she uses Brooke is interested in the moments that occur within the piece through the exploration of the formal qualities of the medium. She takes an intuitive approach to her work, and within her work she portrays her feelings/response to the subject matter she's looking at. Art is currently a hobby for her, but she is looking to turn it into a career, and we definitely see the vision, and its immense possibilities. Her talents far exceed the recognition she receives, but that will all change with time! Until then Courtney Brooke will continue to paint not with hopes to create for a living, but to live for creating! Follow her on IG, and check out some of her dope pieces below!

Instagram: Corndoggi