Art of The Week

This week we have chosen 4 works of art from local artist that we think deserve a little more recognition. Check out the art work, and inspiration behind each piece.


1. Dricasso:


Dricasso dropped a Tupac piece on Snapchat the other day, and although she says it isn't complete im sure ANY Tupac fan would take it in its current state no question! She got her inspiration while browsing the internet. She came across this picture of Pac, and decided.....Hey! I'm going to paint this, and well.......Here's how it came out!


2. Dave Van Patten:


Dave has lived in Long Beach for 16 years. His latest piece which he did for the cover of Edge magazine is entitiled "The ABC's of the LBC", and it's his way of sharing his many experiences throughout his 16 years of living in our amazing city!


3. Jay Blaine:


Jay Blaine painted this 5 days ago at Midtown Night Market during a live painting session. The black, and the 3D Aqua teal glyphs are his signature plasma style, and the gilded golden paisley on the 3D glyph comes from his studies of the ancient Khmer Empire of Cambodia. This is just a glimpse of a bigger picture Blaine plans to paint in the Cambodia Town area. Blaine says "To borrow/refine/remix and evolve styles from other cultures you got to respect it to the fullest, and learn it inside and out to know how to give homage, and get the co-sign."


4. Meloboomin:


Probably our favorite piece of art from this week. Meloboomin has done it yet again with his latest piece "A Black Rose." This piece was inspired by the latest DBZ series which features an anti-Goku who goes by "Black." Melo thinks he's one of the coolest villians because of his name, and hair color. His hair color, which is often mistaken for pink is significant because it is actually more of a rose color thus the symbolism "Black Rose." A black rose represents evil, and destruction which gives deeper meaning to the character traits of Black Goku.