Vitality and Verve: The Breakdown

To kick off Artober we have given you a full description of each artistspiece currently on display at the LBMA's current exhibition. Hopefully each description makes you appreciate each installation even more, and you go check it out for yourself! (EXHIBIT ENDS OCT. 16TH!!)



1. Andrew Hem

In his mural Andrew depicts a young woman who is struggling between being an artist and a musician. The character isn't anyone in particular the main point of the piece is capturing the chaotic essence of an artist. He loves walking into an artists space a seeing a complete mess it reminds him of when he was in his 20s. Andrew also has an infatuation with creating a painting within a painting. 


2. Aaron Li-Hill

Aaron's work is very dark and intense, which reflects how he feels about the world we live in.  In his mural Aaron is reflecting society back on itself through a divide and concur theme. He has two similar male figures locked in a clash that he labels a continuous battle


3. Martha Cooper/Ernest Zacharevic

Martha and Ernest collabed on a project entitled "Replay." The two met at a festival after Martha brought it to his attention how similar their dynamics were. Martha uses her photography, and Ernest uses his variety of artistic ability to depict the inner city lifestyle.


4. Jaime Molina


Jaime focuses mainly on murals and sculptures. In his sculptures he mainly works with wood, and nails, and he drills A LOT of holes. He depicts the many different facets of personality through his wooden sculptures, and he also has this thing with giving them beards. What he does takes a lot of time, patience, and engineering, but that's what makes it unique. Another unique part of his display is the way he uses skulls to show that our lives are precious, and every minute count


5. Kiel Johnson

Kyle is what he describes as a "play-a-holic", because his work is well....everything but that. Kyle is a simple man with a simple plan, and that is using cardboard to make his imagination a reality. His interest in how we explore the world lead him to create a series of maps. While working on that he noticed the port out the window, and loved how from a distance it looked so still, but in reality there is a beehive energy.


6. Felipe Pantone

Felipe is all about speed. The purpose of his piece is to interpret the fast pace wireless world of today. He believes graffiti holds a significant spot in todays world, because it is quick, and disposable things are constantly changing in our world, and he feels spray paint is a great tool to use to depict that. What he has on display is something he describes as "a virtual game between two perspectives." Giving you a closer look into the virtual/digital world


7. Sergio Garcia

With metals, resin, and many other mediums Sergio recreated the hands of some of his friends in action. He's begun to experiment with using different tools for the hand to hold to show different actions, and forms of writing.


8. Brendan Monroe

According to Brendan his artistic style varies depending on what material is in arms reach. His installation focuses on emotion, and activity of abstract surfaces using ceramics, and a mural on the inner walls of the room. His designs start with drawing a sketch, penciling over that sketch contouring a shape, and eventually making a form out of it. He enjoys ceramics, because it is loose, unpredictable, andit takes minimal tools.


9. Sandra Fernandez/Mark Jenkins

Sandra and Mark teamed up for what they call "Glazed Paradise" creating mannequin's out of lots of materials. Sandra says lately she has become obsessed with a certain finger placement. She likes the index finger extended, because she enjoys the symbolization of "#1" or the image of a child holding on to their parents finger. They made one out of tape last year, coated it in resin, and it lasted a whole year outdoors! She says that the placement of each figure is a very important part of the process as you can see in her display.


10. Patsy Cox

This piece is special because it is Patsy's 10yr anniversary for this particular installation She displays 3 columns of Red, Yellow, and Blue object she labels as hearts. Each color starts organized within the 3 column, but as you get to the bottom the colors begin to mix her interpretation of mixing cultures. She uses her experiences coming from a very diverse family to justify the meaning behind her creation. Each time this piece has been installed she has added several thousand pieces.


11. Aaron De La Cruz

Aaron creates with his children in mind. His mural is based around creating balance through structures. His kids love playing, on structures so he wants to create things of that sort. Aaron's structures are unplanned, but controlled. He incorporates the black marks in his work as a sign of permanence mistakes happen, and he's a firm believer in working around his mistakes.


12. Mark Dean Veca

Mark has created an visual/audio mash up for his installation. It features a cave like enviroment with black lights, flourescent paint, and a soundtrack by Bryan Cooper to tie togetherthe ambiencce. Mark fell in love with pop culture through comics. He is fascinated by simple line work creating a 3D illusion. It's all about drawing for Mark any time he can lay down his brush he's content.


13. Ariel DeAndrea

Ariel grew up atheist so she uses the crane as a way to pray, and make wishes. She loves being able to participate in prayer using the crane gives her the ability to meditate, and focus on a hope, wish, goal or dream without having to know who she's directing them to. Ariel carries a ton of stress both personal, and general the crane keeps her anchored, and focused on the beauty in the world.


14. Sarah Joncas

Oil is Sarah's usual medium, and her mural, entitled "Night Life" depicts the creativity aurora that comes with night time. She is a very quiet, and positive person, but she uses her art to express the negative energy she holds in.


15. Cinta Vidal

Cinta has her own style in which she plays with gravity. She loves to contort her images using different perspectives, and orientations. Cinta has learned to paint in many scales this aids her style, and helps the viewer discover things they may not have seen the first time. She's obsessed with the 50s, and the influence shows in her piece. She says whenever she thinks of LA she imagines the time period.

16. Craig Skibs Barker

Craig's installation is what he describes as "nostalgic yet of today." he is inspired by the California surf culture, and uses mix media, painting, and his wife to display his vision. He explains how growing up you knew about everything via newspaper/magazine. He started off just painting pictures, and making T-shirts that has lead him to creating murals all over. Craig loves the idea of memories, and how everything in your memory makes up who you are.


17. Telmomiel

These two teamed up for this piece after a trip to China. Telmo & Miel seen kids walking the streets with the back of their jeans so kids could use the bathroom, and it was weird to them, but then they realized that it's all about interpretation. Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it's wrong it's just different to us. We have to be able appreciate things that are out of the "norm", and that is what they are trying to get us to do with this piece. Everything is based on an image, and how we interpret it.