Seen by Many Unknwn to Most

Matthew Nelson is a Lakewood High School student who has found a love for photography. He's been in the game a little under 2 years, but his portfolio has the quality of someone who's been in it for 20! Although the bulk of his photos are portrait shots he doesn't have a specific style he just shoots whatever is going on in his day-to-day life. Shon Hill, Famous Far, and Whiskey Rou are a few people you can find in the Unkwn Visuals file, but they aren't the only, and they definitely aren't the last as Nelson is looking to continue to build his clientele. His plan is to just keep moving forward, and getting better which will eventually lead to a full time career in photography. If he keeps at a career could easily be reality for the young photographer. He's better than most with only 2yrs of experience just imagine where he'll go from here! Check out some of his work below, and follow him on IG to stay updated!

Instagram: UnknwnVisuals