Alive & In Color

We have met 1/2 of the creative children of the O'Keefe family. Christian showed us his skills behind the camera now it is Sophia's turn. Sophia O'Keefe is a 19yr old Journalism major out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Sophia got into photography as a freshmen at LB Poly messing around with film cameras, and editing photos. It was a hobby for her from the start, but her passion for it has grown over the years. She hopes to be able to incorporate photography into her future career, but in the meantime she's just focused on continuing to progress, and having fun with the artistic process of it all. Sophia's loves to take portraits of people, and is always shooting photos of her friends. Her ultimate goal is to take as many photos as possible so she can continue to blossom as a photographer, and eventually getto the point where she creates a career out of photography! If she keeps at it there's no doubt she will be successful! She has already put in about 5 years so you can bet in about 2 or 3 more Sophia will have reached her goals, and then some. Check out her website, and follow her IG page below.

Instagram: Sophiaokeefephoto