Connecting to Create

Riley Donahue is a 19yr old film major at CSULB, and one piece of the pie that is the Quality Time Radio crew. He has a nact for photography and has also picked up DJ'ing on the fly! He's been working behind the lens for 2yrs and he hopped on the mixer a few weeks ago and has not only caught on quick, but he can definitely tear it up already! In fact we sat in on this weeks radio show where he did a set and you would've thought he'd been doing this for years. Riley is an extremely creative dude and the life he wants to pursue is simply using his creativity to help other people/brands make their vision a reality. Whether it be a marketing campaign, promotional video, lookbook or catalogue Riley is the man with the creative plan! Short term he wants to just continue to connect with local artists/creatives and grow his portfolio. As far as long term Riley wants to keep it simple all he wants to do is create art in as many forms as possible for as long as he lives. This guys is extremely talented and a very quick learner so the sky isn't even enough of a limit for him. We hope to work with him in the near future and honestly if you're a creative you should want to as well! Follow him on IG/Twitter and check out some of his photography below!

Twitter: RileyJDonahue

Instagram: RileyJDonahue