Lights, Camera, Action!

At a very young age Christian O'Keefe found his passion for filmmaking. Around middle school his parents got him his first digital camera, and he discovered Windows movie maker on their home computer. From there his love for film making grew into a fiery passion which burns bright within him till this day. Christian currently has tons of completed work under his belt, but he is definitely his biggest critic so only a few are acceptable. Along with films Christians has also directed a few music videos such as Jayo's "1980's", and Mid-Nite's "44 Mansions". His best works are currently being shopped around at different film festival where he hopes to gain the recognition he so deserves. We can expect a big summer from the young film maker as he has a lot of work he plans on releasing, but until then check out his Vimeo page linked below!

Instagram: Christianokeefe