The Cameron Diaz Story

Born August 30th in San Diego, and raised in the good ol LBC model/actress Cameron Diaz has had an amazing overall career to say the least. From her first star role in "The Mask" with Jim Carrey to her "Bad Teacher" role in 2011 Diaz has had plenty of box office hits. Diaz spent majority of her life in Long Beach going to Los Cerritos Elementary, and later attending Long Beach Poly High where she recalls attending school with Snoop Dogg! At the age of 16 Diaz's modeling career took off working for companies like Calvin Klein, Levi's, and Coca-Cola. When she turned 21 Diaz began her film career auditioning for a supporting cast role, but several call backs later she ended up being casted as the woman lead of what became one of the top 10 grossing films of 1994. (The Mask) After that her career skyrocketed becoming a sex symbol, and landing a plethora of independent film roles in 1996 like "The Last Supper", "Feeling Minnesota", and "Head Above Water". The following year Diaz made her return to the mainstream scene in "A Life Less Ordinary" with Evan McGregor, and "My Best Friend's Wedding" along side Julia Roberts. In '98 she was the star of "There's Something About Mary" which was nominated for a Golden Globe. Fast forward 2 years Diaz's starred as 1 of 3 women detectives in "Charlie's Angels" which she won nominations for best supporting actress at the SAG, Critics' Choice, American Film Institute, Vanilla Sky, and Golden Globe Awards. If that wasn't enough to seal the deal on a great year Diaz also was the voice of female lead Fiona in hit movie "Shrek" for which she made 10 million dollars. Diaz's career continued to rise being cast in 6 more films between 2005-2009, and in the 2 years following that 4 projects she was apart of made a total of $1,458,000,000 earning herself a spot on CEO World Magazine's Top Accomplished Women Entertainers list in 2011. Diaz currently lives in Beverly Hills with her husband Benji Madden of the rock band Good Charlotte, and runs a health, and fitness blog called "The Body Book" under which she released a book entitled "The Longevity Book". With her life in such a great place Diaz is ready to begin the next chapter in her life, and build a family with her husband in New York where they plan to raise a child, and she plans to star in a Broadway play. Diaz is one of many people that prove Long Beach is a city full of talent has been for decades! We here at Rise hope to be the link from the up and coming talent to the celebrities currently on top! So Ms. Diaz if you happen to read this I hope you love it, and are interested in what this website has to offer! Check out her blog, and buy her new book in stores!