The Funniest Man On the Internet

Now if you aren't familiar with the name Berlezzy you better get familiar quick! This man has taken YouTube by storm with his voice over videos to some of your favorite cartoons theme songs. So much so Viacom caught wind and made him take his "Fairly Oddparents" rendition down. Fortunately for our sake that hasn't stopped him yet still continuing to release weekly videos, and expanding on that with skits, which began with the hilarious "Little Berl" episode. Although he has all of a sudden blown up Berlin is not new to this in fact he has been doing Youtube videos for about 3yrs now, with this being his longest live channel to date. He began making lip sync videos in 8th grade, and found it hilarious to himself so it became a hobby for him, but now Berlin is trying to turn his hobby into something he can do for a living. Can you blame him? The idea is obviously genius, and the public agrees! #Teameezy is eating these videos up constantly begging for more via Twitter, and IG, and Berlin shows no signs of slowing down! What does Berleezy have in store for us in store for the future you ask? Of course new voice over videos, and skits, but in the long run he hopes to be picked up for some on screen voice over work. His main focus though is to try and get into the gaming community as a TV personality for gaming networks like G4 or X Play. Until that happens subscribe to his YouTube channel, and check out a couple videos below! We guarantee you can't sit through an entire video with thought laughing.


Berleezy's YouTube Channel