Ryan MC Drops Stuck In My Ways 2

Ryan MC may be stuck in his ways but he is giving us a whole new beast on this follow up project. SIMW2 shows huge progression from the first. The content and delivery is no different but the sound, production, and overall quality of the project shows maturation. He raps with such conviction and pride for his lifestyle and how it molded the Ryan MC we know today. From shoot-outs to jail cells, fake friends to lost loved ones come take this ride through 2100 block and hear the experiences of street general Ryan MC! 

Ryan MC - Stuck In My Ways 2 


An Ongoing Journey

While attending the Soular System listening party, for their album Eclipse we encountered a young lady with an infectious smile and a very welcoming energy. Her name, Gracie Sprout she is 26 years old, Long Beach Poly class of '09, a jazz singer...Oh! She also plays the harp off/on for Jhene Aiko. Her journey began at age 9 and has taken her from orchestras to back stage hanging with the likes of Big Sean, Diana Ross, and Will Smith to name a few. Gracie stumbled upon the gig when LowLeaf had to drop out last minute recommending her as the replacement and the rest is history! As appreciative as Gracie is of the gig she knows it won't last forever. She is constantly working to create new opportunities whilst further finding her own lane musically, she wants to find a way to infuse her jazz singing style with the harmonic strings of the harp. In fact she can be found playing the harp in several of the tracks on the Eclipse album! Gracie doesn't believe in setting goal after goal she is following her current path until she meets the next fork in the road which then will call for a new choice, a new opportunity, a new journey. Check out her website and follow her on IG!


Instagram: Grey_seaa

Wrigley Instrumental Vol. 1

Quis is back yet again reppin for the Wrigside with his seond instrumental EP "Wrigley Instumentals Vol. 1." In the 6 track beat tape he shows he has been adding dimensions to his production while still sticking to his roots. Yet another smooth set of beats that'll get your head nodding. Check'em out below and if you're a local artist looking for beats get in tune with Quis!