Shon Hill Delivers Duckin 12 EP

Shon Hill hit us with his 3rd EP this time around he's still giving us what it's like to be a Long Beach native, and Duckin 12 in the process. This project goes from soothing to gritty without warning and Shon always wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his musical expression. Which is why we love his sound! It's so experimental and full of passion you can see from Be Happy to now how he's chiseled his sound to fit the artist he's working to become. We believe this isn't the finished product of Shon Hill, but he's gotten to a point of comfort with being experimental and that alone will take him far. Add all factors together and you got someone who can make it very far in the music industry. Check out Duckin 12 below! 

Shon Hill Duckin 12 EP


Ryan MC Drops Stuck In My Ways 2

Ryan MC may be stuck in his ways but he is giving us a whole new beast on this follow up project. SIMW2 shows huge progression from the first. The content and delivery is no different but the sound, production, and overall quality of the project shows maturation. He raps with such conviction and pride for his lifestyle and how it molded the Ryan MC we know today. From shoot-outs to jail cells, fake friends to lost loved ones come take this ride through 2100 block and hear the experiences of street general Ryan MC! 

Ryan MC - Stuck In My Ways 2