King of the Hill

Shon Hill is a name you need to get familiar with. He reps his city to the fullest, and has a dope style. Not your typical Long Beach rapper that's for sure. Shon started his rap career in high school at 16yrs old just messing around trying to get a crowd reaction at the occasional cyphers during lunch. He gives credit to LBC greats like Snoop, and Nate Dogg for inspiring him to pursue music, but though he finds inspiration in these artist he does not resemble them in any way shape or fashion. Shon has a distinct sound that is made up of a couple different flows, and clever wordplay displaying the image of his struggle, ambition, and will to succeed through his music. Some recommended tracks of his would have to be "Condo On A Cloud" "Too Far" and one of his older tracks titled "Long Beach" (2012). Check his progression, as well as the talent from the start from Shon, and you'll clearly see the potential for greatness. His goal for music is to become the biggest rap star in the world, and positively influence on how people view the hood environment. Shon wants the world to know that "the hood is not a dead end, but a humble beginning." Excited to see what Shon's new EP titled "Be Happy", which will be available February 20th will sound like. Until then check out some of his dope visuals, and give his soundcloud some play!

Shon Hill's Soundcloud