A Well Off G Just Trying To Make It

Since a youngsta Tiny C Style has been spitting rhymes, and he is finally getting his shot at the limelight. Born and raised on the East side Tiny C grew up in a sink or swim environment running with the wrong crowd, and joining gang life at a young age. Unlike most men swallowed up by the gang life he found something he was passionate in, stuck to it, and now he is making big moves in the music industry linking up with rapper Curren$y, and becoming an artist under his label "Jet Life". Tiny C's plan is to take his brands Tiny C Style, and Well Off G'z to a whole nother level! We are excited to see what that brings, as well as what his new EP "Long Beach State Of Mine" will sound like, which drops on the 1st of February, and from the snippet we heard yesterday has a feature from Spitta! You have two days to get yourself caught up with the sounds of Tiny C Style, and we have just the place for you to do that. Click his Soundcloud link below, and vibe out to the next big thing out of the East side of the Beach!


Tiny C Style's Soundcloud