Briss Dont Miss

Rapper Huey Briss is easily the most interesting, and hungry rapper coming up out of the LBC right now! He know what he wants, he has his goals set, and there is not a doubt in his mind that he will achieve said goals. Briss has been recording since the age of 18, and gives credit to artist like Blowfly, George Clinton, Eminem and most shocking on the list J-Kwon. He grew up listening to Blowfly, and Clinton with his dad, and then he moved to a Navy base in Virginia with his mom where the only albums he listened to were J-Kwon's "Hood Hop" album, and "Infinite" and "Relapse by Eminem. Briss has tons of unreleased work, and is still working on new music to put out. He currently has singles in the works with producer Lord Fubu, Captain Creep, Hello Terry, and Baby Genius, as well as 2 complete albums with Seafood Sam, and Hance. Briss has his head on his shoulders, and his mind in the right place for sure! If he keeps up this grind he's on there are no bounds for where he can take music. His plan is to use his platform to create oppurtunities for the youth, and essentially become the vessel between the mainstream world, and the youth. Sort of like how Twitter, Vine, and Instagram have done over the past few years. Follow him on IG, and check out his latest single "Cigarettes and Sade" and the visual for him, and Seafood Sam's track Tibetan Silk below!


Instagram: HueyBriss


Cigarettes and Sade