Cedar Lane Sounds

Donzelly is a North side resident, and the creator of Cedar Lane Sounds (CLS) which he is a rapper under. Now 20 years old Donzelly has been rapping since the age of 16, and he plans to use rap as a platform to build up his brand CLS, and make it a legit company. He has definitely been putting on for his brand releasing nothing, but dope tracks this year like"Word of Mouth", "Damn Right", "Turning Point", and his recently released Palm freestyle. He even informed us of a 6 track EP he will be releasing produced by his in house producer Brizzy Lo. Expect a lot more music from Donzelly as well as more from the CLS brand as a whole! Until then check out his track Turning Point on his Soundcloud, and his visual for Damn Right below.

Donzelly's Soundcloud