Creating An Everlasting Influence

Eastside resident, and son of 1/2 of the 90's rap duo "The Twinz", Deon Williams Jr. is following in the foot steps of his father, but definitely not walking the same path. In fact Deon is able to create his own style, because he produces his own beats giving him room to be creative, and diverse with the sound of his music. Formely known as Lil Smoke Deon's recently changed his name to "HeyDeon", because he didn't like the correlation to smoking, and doing drugs, which he is actively against, and he also just wanted to be himself. Deon began his rap career 2 years ago, and since has released 3 projects entitled SamIam Vol. 1 & 2, and his most recent project "HeyDeon" in which you can tell he has found his niche. Pairing his unorthodox flow with his distinct style of production gives his music a certain head nodding quality that you have to appreciate. Deon has tons of unreleased music, visuals, and a new project he's been working on he's just waiting on the right time to put it out. We are just going to put it in the air, and say the public can expect new music from HeyDeon by Summer at the latest! Deon's main goal with his music is to influence others, and create a sound that will with stand the test of time. Check out his Soundcloud linked below, and you can also find his visual to "Shasta" on the site as well!

HeyDeon's Soundcloud