Pursuit of Happiness With David The Peruvian

David The Peruvian aka Mizo Sensei has his own unique sound which is very non-traditional, but that is what makes him worth listening to. David found his love for hip-hop back in his senior year of high school, and hasn't let up since continuing to progress, and mold his skills on the mic. After graduating high school David used all the money he received to purchase all the basic necessities he needed to record from home. His progression as an artist from start to now has been huge, and it's evident in tracks such as "Progress is better" feat. WildBuddha, "Let's Blaze" feat. Alynn, and our personal favorite "Reanimated" which he just recently released. David is currently working on a "Fight Club" inspired project paying homage to the movie which he describes as "dirty raw rock n roll/hip-hop. Interested to see what this project holds for the sensei, but regardless we know David will have a successful rap career soley based on the fact that he's passionate about music, and he enjoys making the music he makes. He promises to keep his heart, and soul in his music pair that with his passion, and continued upward progression, and you get another successful artist out of the city! Check out his Soundcloud linked below!

David The Peruvian's Soundcloud