R&;B From Westside of LB

21yr old Westside Long Beach resident Neen is a R&B singer who has an interesting fascination with donuts. She has been singing all his life, and actually has quite a few performances in the LB, and LA area under her belt. Neen loves to sing because the music allows her to paint pictures with harmonies, and melodies. She is currently focused on perfecting his craft, and trying to branding himself. Neen wants to become very successful in the music industry! She ultimately wants the world to hear his voice, and her fascination with sugary pastries to become synonymous with her music. Whenever you think of donuts you should think of Neen. She's obviously been doing something right thus far based off the love he gets on Instagram, and co-sign via Snapchat from R&B singer Kehlani. The sky is the limit for this young woman, and in a few years the donut emoji could takeover more than just his IG comments. Check out her Soundcloud, and follow her on IG!

Neen's Soundcloud 


Instagram: Ciaoneen