Sam Of Seafood

Seafood Sam is a genius on the mic! His bars are on another level, and his gritty style make you want to keep listening. Sam began rapping in 10th grade, but he didn't really take it serious until he graduated. He pays homage to Nate Dogg, Teena Marie, and 2009 Kid Cudi as big inspirations in his music career, but even though he looks to them for inspiration he has created his own style, and found the perfect flow to fit that style. The crazy thing about Sam is that music isn't even what he wants to pursue he just happens to be good at it. Sam is actually looking to pursue a career in Film. He wants to become a director, and eventually be the C.E.O of his own film studio, and open a skate park with his brother under the name "Rules Follow Us". Good news for us! That means we'll be having a feature in the "Film" tab on Seafood Sam as well! Until then follow him on Instagram, and Twitter, and give his Soundcloud some play!


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