The Invention of Sound

Could you imagine a world without sound? Yeah us either! So today we've decided to dedicate an entire article to The Invention of Sound. No! No! No! Not literally! The local band! The Invention of Sound is made up of 3 Whittier high school students named John, Sebastian, and Jonathan who are focused on keeping the music as real as possible, while creating their own sound. They draw inspiration from the works of classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, as well as contemporary artists like Ty Segall, Drenge, and Deftones. Although they are influenced by these other bands the bulk of their inspiration comes right from their name. As The inventor of sound their agenda is to continue to push the envelope, and find new ways to express themselves through well.....Sound. The band has been together since December, and are currently in the beginning stages of making their first album! Each member has their own solo projects already so this isn't their first rodeo, but a joint project is a lot different then releasing solo so they're taking their time with it trying to make sure everything is right. The Invention of Sound is looking to get themselves out their a little more trying to book a couple shows, and release their album as well as other projects. Until we get some more updated content check out their demo on Soundcloud! We strongly recommend "Beautiful Losers" or "Hectic" both sound really good, and if they're any indication of where this band is headed they have a bright future ahead of them!


The Invention of Sound's Soundcloud


Instagram: TheInventionofSound