Artist Watch: Artist of the Week

Last week was a pretty busy week so we're a little late on this, but here's last weeks Artist of the Week! LA artist Shaun Sloan of the Soda Club is creating quite a buzz for himself in the rap game. Rightfully so, because this guy is very talented on the mic. You can really hear the passion in his voice, and the truth within the lyrics he spits. Shaun already has some big accomplishments under his belt mentioning in his latest freestyle "Practice" that he could've signed with Universal, how he killed 106&Park, Opening for Drake, and how he is working with one of the top DJ's in LA DJ Mustard on a track! Shaun is on a mission this year, and nothing is going to stop him from getting what he wants not even the sickle cell anemia he's been fighting his entire life. We admire this guys determination and will to succeed, and based off the content on his Soundcloud he's not far from his goal. He has his foot in the door now it's time to break it down! Which is exactly what he'll do in 2016! If you haven't heard his music we advise you hit his Soundcloud link below, and check out his Freshmen, and Sophomore tapes "Same Struggle Different Story", and "The Process" along with the few singles he has up as well!


Shaun Sloan's Soundcloud