Soular System

Tom Kendall, and Anthony Lynn have teamed up under the alias "Soular System", and they've come to provide a uniquely interstellar yet soulful vibe with their mid summer 8 track EP entitled "Summer Solstice". The combination of Lynn's killer vocals, and Kendall's instrumental genius gives this project a unique sound, but still keeps it smooth all the way through. This sort of cosmic soul sound is something new with an old school feel, and it's definitely against the grain of what you currently hear on the Long Beach music scene. The journey doesn't stop here for the young duo in fact they have already started working on a new project, and they have a couple shows lined up that we highly recommend you mark your calendars for. The formation of the Soular System has begun so sit back, relax, and enjoy the vibes! Check out the EP on Soundcloud below!

Summer Solstice EP