Shon Hill Releases New Project "562 The Universe"

Remember Shon Hill? Mr Be Happy? Well since he showed his versatility in his first tape he decided to bless us with a pure Hip-Hop sound, and pay homage to the LBC as well in this new project. 562 The Universe is Hill's birthday gift to us which ironically came on his birthday. Shon is looking to show the world what Long Beach's music scene really has to offer with this new tape!  "100 Nights Freestyle", "Guilty By Association", and "MLK Ave Freestyle" are a few tracks that stood out to us, because of Hills ability to still be versatile within the Hip-Hop style. He gives us bars on all 3 songs, but takes a slightly different approach in his flow on each track. One of many reasons we believe Shon Hill will be successful, because he is not putting himself in a box. He's playing around with different types of melodic flows, taking a rapid fire approach, as well as being able to slow it down for his listeners. Check out 562 The Universe below on Soundcloud, and make sure you keep an eye on the East side affiliate, because this is just the tip of the iceberg that is Shon Hill.

562 The Universe