Dezzie Does It All

Going from city to city, state to state, and traveling out of the country if there's one thing this dude doesn't leave without it's his dance moves! Long Beach Artist, producer, and 2nd coolest DJ in the world Dezzie Gee is always busting a move on stage, and keeping the crowd hype! His energy when on that stage is like no other, and when that beat drops best believe he'll have a combination of moves that'll have you saying "OH MY GOODNESS!" Check out him and his crew EpicMustDie, and Boogie as they  continue to build names for themselves not just in the city, but around the world. Follow them, and check out the visual for Boogie's hit single "Oh My" which of course has a cameo from Dezzie doing what he does best! Wish these guys nothing, but continued success! Seeing y'all make it is motivation for the rest of us in the city!


Twitter: @DezzieGee, @Boogiethebeast, @EPICMUSTDIE


Instagram: DezzieGee, WS_Boogie, Epicmustdie