Jayo Da Sleeping Giant

Rapper, and IUWT affiliate Jayo is a Long Beach artist with a west coast style to match, and bars that'll make you rewind the track just to make sure you heard him right.The kids ability to change flow is crazy! Pair that with his clever wordplay, and you got a young artist who can hop on pretty much any beat and hold his own. With a little mixing, and mastering of his tracks his music could be a hot commodity to the west coast market, if not both coasts. If put in the right hands Jayo could become something special, and become yet another rapper putting on for the city! He has a few songs on his soundcloud including his tracks 1980's, and his recently released H-Town Freestyle, as well as two previous projects he released! Check'em out at the link below, and keep an eye on Jayo Da Great!


Jayo's Soundcloud