Deonte Edwards is on His Way to the Top!

Producer Deonte Edwards better known by his tag "DAMNTHATSTIGHT" silently moving his way into the industry, and is getting ready to put on for the city with his crazy talent on the beat! His versatility with his beats is what is going to get him far, and he could possibly become a staple in the hip hop community. Currently he is working on new music with Khalil, and Sean Kingston, and he also has a placement on MMG affliate Tracy T's new project! The future is looking bright for the young producer, and his success will go far beyond music. Deonte is a visionary with a plan, and with music as his foundation the possibilities are endless for what this young man can, and will accomplish in life. Make sure you listen for that DAMNTHATSTIGHT tag, and keep up with the young producers career on twitter and IG!


 Twitter: @Deonteedwards

Instagram: Deonteedwards