G-Funk General

Warren G grew up in Long Beach, and gained a lot of his muscial inspiration from listening to his parents collection of jazz, funk, and soul! In the 1990s the Warren G formed the group "213" named after the original area code of Long Beach with his friends, and fellow rappers Snoop Dogg, and Nate Dogg. The trio made hit after hit until the group eventually parted ways when Snoop, and Nate signed to Death Row. During his solo career Warren G went on to work with many other artists such as Tupac, MC Breed, Mista Grimm, and step brother Dr. Dre. In fact he made major contributions to Dre's "The Chronic" album, including his sample of "Nuthin but a G-Thang." His solo career really took off when him, and former 213 counterpart Nate Dogg released the hit song "Regulate" which was on the top of the charts in 1994, and nominated for a Grammy. On top of that his album "Regulate...G Funk Era" sold over 3 million copies in the U.S, and another million copies overseas. Warren G went on the release five more studio albums, and produced the theme song for Ice Cube's TV show "Black. White" in 2006. After the death of his musical cohort, and life long friend Nate Dogg he released a tribute song titled "This Is Dedicated To You" which he continues to perform! Warren G also gives all the proceeds from the sales of the song to Nate Dogg's mom, family, and charity organization. Warren G has had an amazing career in music, and he has taken Long Beach right with him every step of the way so much so the rapper received an entire week in the month of August dedicated to him within the city for his many donations to the city! Check out his website below to keep up with what the rapper has going on currently!