The City Sleeper

LJ is a rapper out of the Long Beach area whose lyrical talents are truly overlooked. In this wave of trap music, and little to no lyrical content the more conscience, and lyric heavy rappers of the coming era are being neglected, because they aren't relying on crazy random ad-libs, and a fire beat as the general public has become so fond of. LJ's sound is distinct, and pretty consistent sticking to straight lyricism in his music.  "Gotham", "Above and Beyond", and "Melanin" Feat. Zach Armand are few of many dope tracks in the young artists catalog thus far, and if these tracks are any indication of how his music career will pan out yall will see him rocking the mic on stage in due time! Until then check out his latest EP up on his soundcloud page linked below!


LJ's Soundcloud