Pharaoh Radio

DJ Pharaoh has been doing his DJ thing for about 3 years now following right in his fathers foot steps! His dad use to DJ back home in Trinidad, and Tobago, and 3 years ago decided to buy a controller. At first it was just for fun, but then something clicked, and he realized he could really do it! After listening to music collective Soulection, and listening to co-founder Joe Kay. Pharaoh was inspired to create his own show on Soundcloud. His purpose behind Pharaoh Radio is to not only spread the latest music, but different sounds as well! So you can expect a wide variety of genres with each passing show. Pharaoh recently had his 10th installment of his show which featured a soulful R&B vibe with a couple dope mix, and match tracks. Overall Pharaoh's goal is to create. Whether it be music or photography, which he does on the side he just wants to do what he loves, and possibly make some things happen. Another one of his goals is to link up with Soulection, and be added to the to the team! Pharaoh says that would be a dream come true. A very possible dream with time all he has to do is keep grinding, and get a bit more comfortable with the speaking aspect, and he'll be on his way! He definitely has an ear for music so he's pursuing the right avenue that's for sure. Check out DJ Pharaoh's radio show, and follow his Soundcloud below

DJ Pharaoh's Soundcloud