Hustle, Ambition, Success

For about 4 or 5 years now rapper Whiskey Rou has been telling his story through his rhymes. He's inspired his daughter, real life situations, and his ambition to hustle, but rap wise he has learned a lot from hip-hop greats Nas & Biggie. Rou doesn't draw inspiration from their music directly, in fact he doesn't really listen to them, but a lot of the music he does listen to has allowed him to embrace those that set the tone for todays artists. He recently released a project entitled "Balance" which we haven't fully dove into yet, but he has our attention just off the visual for the single "Inorganic." His flow is different than the typical sound you hear in todays music, and his crisp visual really pulls together the style he is trying to convey. Rou's main goal right now is to continue to generate a buzz around himself, and his new project before diving into merchandise, and releasing new music, and visuals. Everything he's working on is putting him in a position to succeed, and with the mindset he currently carries success will follow. Check out his new project, and follow him on IG!

Whiskey Rou's Soundcloud

Instagram: SupplyDope