Consulting With Jordan Blair

Jordan Blair is a 23 year old westside Long Beach resident who has branded herself and become a music consultant for a handful of artist. Her main mission is to help artist find their direction and specifically what crowd said artist is trying to attract. From rock to rap Jordan helps artist find their lane, brand themselves, and give them creative direction they need to make sure there audience stay tuned in. On top of all those things she is making sure the artist is on their Ps & Qs as far as accomplishing goals like signing a major deal or boosting their independent brand. Jordan is very hands on with her work when it comes to photo shoots, video shoots, and studio sessions so her and the artist can always be on the same page and have a clear understanding of everything. She started off working with LA artists Petty Petty and G2, which she views as a very good experience because it made her think outside the box and taught her the Do's & Dont's of the game. Jordan recently began working with eastside LB artist Jay Cinco who has a different style than your typical rapper of todays era but at the same time it has that OG feel to it. As she continues to build her consulting brand she plans to expand from just consulting into major marketing in the entertainment business. From working with major record labels to public relations she wants it all and nothing can block the vision. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter!

Twitter: 1JordanBlair