Letter To Long Beach

Long Beach is full of talent and potential. From sports to art, the city is on the come up. If we all came together to help put the city back on the map, possibilities would be endless. Long Beach has one of the best high schools in the U.S. with Polytechnic, and multiple athletes throughout all different sports. Long Beach is even host to Agenda and ComplexCon, bringing so many different personalities to the city, but Long Beach has no where to harbor these creatives, so I feel at times Long Beach is very under appreciated and overlooked. We even have our own Nike shoe in the Cortez to represent the city, but in the realms of many different disciplines we lack a voice. Other than sports it's not too many places where Long Beach is represented well. How many Long Beach brands show at Agenda or ComplexCon? How many Long Beach actors do you see in feature films? How many Long Beach artists or photographers do you see recognized? How many rappers from Long Beach are overlooked because they don't fit the typical Long Beach rapper style? Now don't get me wrong, it's so many   from the city doing great things all over the world and it's truly beautiful, but just how Los Angeles puts on for their home, we should learn from them and put on for ours. We need to stand united and collaborate on all fronts, from art to fashion to music. We need to build up the city, shop in the city, work within our city, because it's our city and no one can put it on better than us. While I was working for The Hundreds, RSWD showed me a whole new meaning of community. The Hundreds LA store acted as a safehaven for creatives in LA. If you do research any city with an influence usually sticks together. For instance Joe Freshgoods, a designer and co-owner of Fat Tiger Workshop, designs Chance the Rapper's merch. They are both from Chicago. The fact that Chance can go damn near anywhere and get a designer is the exact point I'm trying to make. Their are so many different instances where people put on for their city. We gotta make people want to come here. I'm not saying to skip an opportunity to go and work outside of Long Beach, but imagine if we could all come together, the possibilities are unlimited. Take pride in Long Beach, it's a beautiful place with nothing but potential but if we never take the city serious we can't expect anyone else to. I wish everyone creating from any city all across the world, can use these words to progress the art, music, fashion and entertainment in their city. 


Your Own, 


Hakeem Washington



P.S. I didn't drop any names from the city because it's so many people doing amazing work. So if you creating this is for you! Thank you, if no one else appreciates it I do.