The Saga Continues in Saigon

Many years of hard work have paid off for Poly Alum, former Golden Eagle SG Joshua Munzon, who recently signed a contract with the Saigon Heat! In his last season with the Golden Eagles Munzon averaged 12pts, 4rebs, and ended the season with a team high 56 steals! It has been an uphill battle to get to this point, and Munzon is very excited to take this next step. From his days at Poly to present day he has grown from working within a strict system, to becoming the guy the system works for Munzon has seen a great amount of growth in his confidence over the years, and that has funneled into the growth of his game. He's not quite where he wants to be, but he is constantly working, and adding to his game before he takes off to Vietnam. Munzon is focused on keeping it simple, and being precise on the court limiting his dribbles, and creating the best available shot. He's also excited to add a post game to his repertoire so he can use his height as an advantage against small guards. Munzon loved the energy of that LB Poly atmosphere, and the freedom he had at CSULA, and now he will have the luxury of both in Saigon with what seems to be a pretty free-flowing offense, by the looks of some of last seasons games. The journey begins for Munzon in 11 days, and he's working up until the very last minute getting back into the swing of things, and getting focused on going out there, and balling out! Check out his highlight tape, and follow him on IG/Twitter to keep up with his next chapter.

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