Big Shoes To Fill

Growing up current Cal State Fullerton pitcher Josh Rios looked up to his older brother Frankie, and was always trying to do what he did, or do it better than he did. Josh and his brother both attended Long Beach Poly where they played on the baseball team together, and where he was pretty much known as Frankie little brother. Going into his senior year Josh was determined to change that, it was his time to create his own legacy and thrust himself from within his brothers shadow. In his senior year the 6'2 220lb pitcher had an amazing season! Rios recorded 54 Strikeouts with only 34 Hits, had a 1.43ERA, and received what he says is his greatest accomplishment to date, a scholarship from one of the best D1 baseball teams out there Cal State Fullerton! Josh is currently approaching his Sophomore season at Fullerton, and is looking to continue to build his own name, and show the world that he is more than just Frankie Rios younger brother, but a phenomenal baseball player in his own right! We hope to see Josh continue to prosper, and eventually get a chance at playing in the big leagues, but for now enjoy the young heat slingers tenure at CSUF! Check out his schedule below!

Cal State Fullerton Baseball 2016 Schedule